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5th tip for your Christmas planning: personal touches

5th tip for your Christmas planning: personal touches

Today we have the final and fifth tip for your Christmas planning (can we get an 'aaaaahhh'?!) but don't worry, we have incredible how-to videos coming to you in October.
The last bit of prep is all about personal touches. Nothing makes Christmas time more special than receiving or enjoying a little something prepared by a friend or host.
Let's start with cards... The popularity of sending cards to family and friends has waned in the last decade with most things going digital, but there is also an upward trend to do things old-school, and cards are back in trend. Giving a little something back into the community gives us all the Christmas feels, so we are all for supporting charities and local organisations when purchasing cards. Home-made cards with the kids is a great activity, and always well received. Pop in a bit of your news for the last year if you've not regularly been in contact or live far from your loved ones. Don't forget to check everyone's addresses now so that when you're ready to post them at the end of November, you're good to go.
Now is also time to prep that traditional Christmas cake so that it cake soak up the base brandy. There are alcohol free options too! We'll cover that in our how-to Christmas Cake in October.
We hope you've loved our tips as much as we've loved sharing them with you. ❤️
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