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Tah-dah! Tip 4 of 6 for your Chistmas planning

Tah-dah! Tip 4 of 6 for your Chistmas planning

Tah-dah! Tip 4 of 6 right under your lovely nose!
Remember we chatted about checking your budget for how many people you were going to cater for? Right, now it's time to make the invite list, that way they can block it in their calendars and make travel arrangements. Give a ring or send a text to those you'd like to join you for Christmas eve and / or dinner this week.
This year we are going old-school and sending Christmas postcards as an invitation. Nothing like a bit of post from the North Pole!
The further ahead in advance you connect with your guests, the easier it will be for them to arrange travel and accommodation. For those not staying far, remind them to book taxis for their homeward travel after the feast of a meal you'll be preparing. No drinking and driving permitted from your home!
Once you have confirmed numbers, you can firm up your budget and look forward to the shopping with peace of mind.
Happy Wednesday, folks!
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