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Tip 1 / 5: Planning the perfect Christmas

Tip 1 / 5: Planning the perfect Christmas

We have a 5 great tips for planning your Christmas Day lined un in the next few weeks, that will make the day joyous and well-prepped. Yes, it's only September, but why not get the ball rolling?!


- Make a list of people you'd like to gift and set a maximum total budget for all gifts, then work backwards allocating a budget per gift. Don't forget your children's teachers from the list!
- Set your catering budget for the day, then break it down into drinks, starters, main and dessert focussing on the main meal. We'll share more catering tips in a few weeks to help you add sparkle to your day without breaking the bank.
- Set a decorating budget. This should include decor for the tree, table and general festive-feels around your home.
- Shop at the end of season sales! This can save hugely on your overall budget.

Don't forget that Christmas Day is all about getting together and sharing time with friends and family more than gifts and fancy foods. There is no budget for time spent!

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