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Tip 2/5 for prepping for Christmas just landed...

Tip 2/5 for prepping for Christmas just landed...

Hump day turned your week all mundane? Fear not! We have a great distractor! Tip two of five for prepping for Christmas just landed...


Kick off theme planning by asking yourself who you would like most to be enchanted by your decor. Perhaps it will be children who'll be seeing or visting your home and sharing Christmas day with you? Or perhaps you'll be hosting mostly adults over the festive season? Perhaps your decor is simply a lovely extension of yourself and how you'd like your home to feel during this magical time?

Step two: choose a tone that matches your audience. Are you going to go for bright and vivacious, a little bit out-there? Or perhaps more earthy and serene, more traditional? Perhaps you'll try modern and stylistic with an emphasis on simplicity?

Finally, and equally as important as step one and two, choose a theme colour or a palette of colours for the decor, tree and table. The colour(s) you choose will be an accent wherever you're decorating: a few decorations on the tree, little knickknacks on shelves, table serviettes and runners, etc. You could go as far as matching your wrapping paper with your colour scheme too.

There you go! Now that you have really good food for thought, don't forget to have a tinkle around our online store for some more inspiration. Chat on Friday for our latest product feature! Happy Wednesday!

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