Where This Story Began

It all started with a dream – to bring the Christmas experience to South Africa.

Being fortunate enough to travel the world & experience the Christmas spirit of many different countries, Owner & founder Debbie, developed her vision. She wanted to create a place where customers who were as enthusiastic about all things festive, can visit, experience & shop out their Christmas dreams at the comfort from their home ground. To Debbie, Christmas was more than just plastic decorations thrown onto a tree, but an experience of togetherness through memorable decorations that would last for generations.

The Ekrismis Promise

Hand Curated

SOur products are meticulously hand curated & only the finest make it into our Showroom & shop.

Wide Variety

From multiple styles of trees, wreaths & garlands, to a magnitude of Christmas decor.

The Experience

Our Christmas elves are friendly, knowledgable & always eager to go the extra mile for you.

Trending themes

We’ve removed the pressure of selecting the right pieces by curating popular themes.

The Team Behind the Magic

“We want to create deep meaningful family traditions through Ekrismis. A place where inspiration gathered for all Christmas enthusiasts and the wonder of Christmas came alive. Ekrismis is a place to experience and own something truly unique.”

Debbie Taylor

Debbie Taylor

Director & Founder

Jan-Tijn Oppermann

Jan-Tijn Oppermann

Director & Founder

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